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What People Say

This is why I choose MJ Rost. In all my years you guys have never ever dropped the ball. If there have been issues, I didn't know about them and I certainly appreciate it. 

- Sunshine White
Director of Procurement

About us

Freight Managment

We are a freight management company — a business not to be confused with a freight broker or 3PL service — that specializes in taking care of every aspect of your logistics needs. No matter what your specific job may entail, we are able to provide you with exceptional service, that contributes to fulfilling your needs in an efficient manner. We are different within this industry due to our ability to aid our clients from the very beginning of the process. Whether that be with purchase order management, booking a truck or arranging a warehouse, coordinating with on site personell, all the way to its completion when the order has been delivered to its intended destination. Whether it be large scale projects that require taking care of multiple components or more simple freight projects that need to be managed, we can help.

How we do it

In order to ensure the success of our clients and the projects that they present to us, we implement a number of unique strategies that target different aspects of the process as a whole so that desired outcomes are produced. Our team of experts works alongside your existing vendors, contractors, carriers, and anyone else in the process so that the work can be streamlined in a manner that increases efficiency and reduces costs. When this occurs, a general consensus is developed that puts everyone on the same page so that orders are delivered on time and costs stay within the specified budgets.

Affordable Service

One of the most sought after benefits that come as a result of working with MJ Rost is the amount of savings we are able to find our customers. The shipping rates we are able to provide are frequently lower than what you are currently paying. We find inefficiencies that raise costs and we find alternatives that bring costs down. We also reduce many of the headaches that can occur routinely through-out a project. Whether that be issues with the vendors pushing dates back, contractors pushing dates, or carriers not showing up on time or with the right equipment. 

About Us

Founded by Matty Rost in 1984, MJ Rost Logistics is a Freight Management Company that’s proud to offer our services to clients throughout the US and Canada. Over the last 34 years, we have created lasting relationships in the Hospitality, Senior Living and Food Service industries. We aim to not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations of what an exceptional freight management company can be.

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