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L.F. Wade International Airport

 MJ Rost was selected to be the exclusive freight provider for the state of the art new terminal at L.F. Wade International Airport in Bermuda. MJ Rost coordinated the movement of everything needed for the 3 new restaurants including all kitchen equipment, furniture, lighting and more. During this process we worked with our customer, their vendors, customs brokers and on site personnel.

Vendors: Confirmed all PO's were received and accurate. Establish timelines for completion while also gathering shipment data. This information allows us to attain the best freight cost while also avoiding any unforeseen costs or delays to due to production issues.

Customs: We facilitated the movement of all the correct paperwork from our customer and vendors to the broker in order to ensure there were no hiccups in customs. We also answered questions, paid duties and produced "duty free letters" for the products that qualified for duty free passage.

Freight: Freight was moved from the vendors throughout the US to the port by truck or train. They were then transported to Bermuda by either boat or plane. In all cases, MJ Rost leveraged our 34 years of experience and freight connections to ensure the most cost efficient and timely manner of delivery.

Throughout the entirety of the project, we produced reports showing all pertinent PO information to include updates from vendors on expected completion dates and any delays from the vendor. We also tracked every shipment from pickup to final delivery.

The coordination between our customer, vendors, on site personnel and customs brokers, allowed us to ensure the project was delivered on time and under budget.

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Affordable Service

One of the most sought after benefits that come as a result of working with MJ Rost is the amount of savings we are able to find our customers. We find inefficiencies that raise costs and we find alternatives that bring costs down. We also reduce many of the costly headaches that can occur routinely through-out a project. Whether that be issues with the dates slipping and notice not being given, to contractors pushing dates, or carriers not showing up on time or with the right equipment. 

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